Why Premier Impex Limited

Strict Grading Measure Graded with stringent parameters to ensure the best
Price Guaranteed cheaper than the market price
Help us help the environment For every sold, we are saving the environment
Customize Customize according to your requirement in terms of parameters and shape
Guaranted Supply Can always depend on us having enough stock at any given time
Eco Friendly Grown in the most ecofriendly way, limiting hazard to the environment and to our employees


D origin Diamonds Characteristics
Sizes 0.01ct to 20cts
Colors Colourless (D-M) to Fancy Colour (Pink, Yellow, Blue)
Clarity IF-SI Clarity
Shapes All Shapes
Certificate IGI,GIA certified
Melee Parcels -2, star melee, +11 +14 1/5 1/4
Inscription Girdle Inscription with lab grown diamonds (for certified)
Type 2A All diamonds are Type 2A